Age-Adjusted Mortality Rate for Sheltered Homeless New Yorkers

As of May 13, the Department of Homeless Services reports that 75 homeless people have died from the virus, including 69 sheltered individuals and six unsheltered individuals. Because the sheltered homeless population skews much younger than the general New York City population, an age-adjusted analysis indicates that there have been more deaths among sheltered homeless New Yorkers than would have been expected based on the overall city mortality rate.

In consultation with Charles Cleland, PhD, a biostatistician at NYU, Coalition for the Homeless calculated the age-adjusted mortality rates among sheltered homeless New Yorkers to date. [1] As of May 13, the overall New York City mortality rate due to COVID-19 was 187 deaths per 100,000 people. For sheltered homeless New Yorkers, it was 291 deaths per 100,000 people – or 56 percent higher than the New York City rate. 


[1] Because age data are not available for unsheltered homeless New Yorkers, this calculation is not yet possible for that group.