Watch First Step graduate Paulette share her story of the emotional devastation of going in and out of shelters with her husband and her three daughters, and the tragedies she endured. She found First Step through her housing counselor and she was hesitant at first, but wanted to show her daughters that no matter what happened in their lives, they could always turn things around.

Paulette shared her story at our 2022 Women Mean Business Luncheon.

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Watch the story of Monica, who has shown amazing resilience, despite the many challenges life has thrown her way. First Step helped Monica find a full-time job, safe housing, and a community of women who showed her how to tap into her own intrinsic strengths and become the person she always knew she could be.

Please consider making a gift to support this life-changing program.


September 23rd COVID-19 Virtual Memorial

On September 23rd, several New York City faith leaders and homeless advocacy and services groups held the third virtual memorial service to honor the many homeless and formerly homeless New Yorkers, as well as those serving them, who have lost their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you to those who joined us for our memorial services. To watch a recording of the first virtual memorial on May 20th, click here. To watch a recording of the second on June 24th, click here.