I Was in Shelter Before and Need to Return, Where Do I Go?


Families who have been away from their shelter placement for 48 hours must reapply for shelter at PATH. Be prepared that PATH will ask you where you have been staying while you have been out of shelter and will reconsider your eligibility for shelter placement. Bring any documents you have to show where you and your family members have been staying and why you cannot return.

Single Adults

Single adults belong to the shelter where they last stayed for a year after having left the shelter according to DHS rules. If, within that year, you need to return to shelter, you should return to the same site where you last stayed. If you are returning after a year, you should return to the intake center where you first applied for shelter, click here for a list of intake shelters. It is possible that DHS might ask that you return to the intake center to answer some questions about where you last lived. It is important for you to know that you still have a right to shelter and should get a placement that night.