What Is a Sanction?

Due to the public health crisis posed by COVID-19, Crisis Intervention walk-in services are temporarily closed.

In order to stay healthy and safe, we suggest staying indoors in a shelter, traveling as little as possible, and keeping a safe distance between yourself and others.

If you have a question about accessing shelter or other services, including if you have been denied access to shelter, please call 1-888-358-2384, the Crisis Intervention emergency hotline, and leave a detailed message, including your phone number. Advocates are available Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. Messages received on weekends or after hours will be returned the next business day. Please note that the Crisis Intervention Program is based in NYC and only able to respond to questions regarding NYC services.

Under Department of Homeless Services rules shelter residents can be ejected from the shelter system for a minimum of 30 days if DHS claims that you did not comply with:

  • An assessment.
  • A social service plan (or “independent living plan”).
  • Housing search requirements.
  • Facility rules concerning health and safety.

Under these rules, you could be ejected from shelter for refusing to open a public assistance case or missing appointments. Coalition for the Homeless will fight to protect your rights.

If you have questions about the shelter system, services available in shelter or questions about sanction notices, please call the Crisis Intervention hotline at 1-888-358-2384 Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm.