Shelter for Youth

There is a small system of shelters for homeless youth, aged 16 to 24, in New York City although there are a limited number of beds available. Below is some information regarding possible shelter options, however we advise that you check to see if space is available (or seek out the assistance of a Crisis Intervention advocate) before walking into a shelter site.

Please also note that individuals over the age of 18 do have a right to shelter in the single adult system.

Ali Forney Center
527 West 22nd Street
C/E train to 23rd Street

Covenant House
460 West 41st Street
212-613-0300 ext. 5212
A/C/E trains to 42nd Street

Safe Horizon
165 West 131st Street
A train to 125th Street

Note that these facilities are not operated by the Coalition for the Homeless.


Streetwork Hotline: (800) 708-6600

Runaway Hotline: (800) 621-4000

Teen Crisis Hotline: (800) 999-9999