Enhanced One-Shot Deals (EOSD)

Enhanced one-shot deals, as established by the Human Resources Administration and the Department of Homeless Services, are primarily intended to assist homeless working families in the shelter system to leave the shelter and return to independent living. The EOSD is NOT an ongoing subsidy, but instead is a one-time payment made to assist a client in moving out of homelessness.

In order to be eligible for an enhanced one-shot you must be residing in the NYC shelter system for at least 60 days, have an active or single issue Public Assistance case (which you can establish by applying at a Public Assistance office for a one time grant), and in most cases you need to have monthly gross income (before taxes) at or above the established thresholds below.

Household Size12345678
Income Threshold$1,440$1,620$1,890$1,980$2,250$2,430$2,520$2,700

If your family does not meet the above income thresholds, it is still possible that you may qualify for an EOSD based on your income and the affordability of the apartment. Households that have both employment income and non-employment income, such as disability benefits, may also qualify for an enhanced one-shot.

In order to get an EOSD, applicants must first find an apartment that they can afford on their income. Once an apartment has been identified, clients applying for an enhanced one-shot can request assistance with all of the items below, but mostly EOSD’s are provided to help with the security deposit, broker’s fee and first four months of rent (note that applicants who are able to contribute to one of these fees generally have a better chance of being approved).

  • Security voucher
  • Broker’s fee (1/2 months rent)
  • Furniture allowance
  • Storage fees
  • Moving expenses

If you are interested in applying for an enhanced one-shot deal, you should ask your shelter. The application must be processed by shelter staff, typically by a case manager or housing specialist, and sent to the Department of Homeless Services’ Office of Client Resources. The enhanced one-shot grant is ultimately processed by the Human Resources Administration (HRA), but before processing it must be approved by both DHS and HRA.

Shelter staff should help to assemble your application packet, but there are several documents that you may need to help in obtaining, including:

  • Copy of lease or landlord request letter (included in application packet) from landlord stating what is needed to move in
  • Copy of Deed, water bill, or utility bill showing landlord ownership
  • Employment verification (pay stubs for last 30 days or employment letter)
  • Contribution letter detailing what amount you can contribute, if any
  • Copy of check or money order to the landlord for the contribution amount, if any
  • Broker’s request letter (included in application packet)
  • Current copy of broker’s license

If you are depending on the enhanced one-shot deal to move out of shelter, you should not move out until the grant has been approved, as the process can take time and approval is not at all guaranteed.

If you have additional questions, have been denied for an enhanced one-shot deal, or need further assistance with this process please come into our Crisis Intervention Program to speak with an advocate.