How to Apply for Supportive Housing

In order to apply for most supportive housing, an application, commonly called the HRA 2010e, must be submitted electronically by an approved provider to the Human Resources Administration’s Placement, Assessment and Client Tracking (PACT) Unit. Approved providers include any NYC shelter, hospital staff, residential treatment program staff or mental health professionals. Any provider can make a request to have access to the PACT system in order to submit supportive housing applications

Supportive housing applications must include a current psychiatric evaluation completed within the past six months, a current psychosocial assessment, as well as the actual HRA 2010e application form. Approvals are good for six months from the date of approval before an application has to be updated and resubmitted.

After receiving an approval from HRA, the agency that submitted the supportive housing application can begin sending out the approved packet to housing providers that may have an appropriate vacancy. Although it is not required for immediate approval by HRA, housing providers will often ask for additional documentation, including TB test results and other medical paperwork, identification, and proof of income (i.e., a budget letter, award letter, or pay stubs).

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