Hevesi, Sponsor of Subsidy to Stem Homeless Crisis, Condemns Cuomo’s MTA Letter

A Queens lawmaker who has long championed a rental subsidy to stem the state’s homeless crisis, condemned a “Trumpian” letter from Gov. Andrew Cuomo to the MTA, which urged the transit agency to do more to stop homeless New Yorkers from sleeping in subway cars.

“It’s absurd, the notion that he, the governor, who should be stopping the homeless crisis from growing, is telling an agency that he controls that they’re not doing enough,” said Assemblymember Andrew Hevesi. “It’s the height of hypocrisy and very Trumpian.”

Hevesi has sponsored a bill to create the Home Stability Support program, a rental subsidy that would enable families at risk of eviction to avoid becoming homeless

“The man who is single handedly letting the homeless crisis grow for his own benefit is still helping the crisis metastasize,” Hevesi continued.

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