Lawsuit: Landlords Are Illegally Locking Out Thousands Of Homeless New Yorkers

One homeless man is still living in a city shelter even though he got a subsidy from the city eight months ago that would cover up to $1,246 a month for an apartment. Another woman has been moving from one family member to the next, despite having a similar subsidy for more than a year. And a homeless mother is forced to stay in a hotel in Queens with her two daughters, even though the city has promised to pay a landlord a year of her rent for leasing her an apartment.

Across the city, housing experts say landlords regularly reject applications from New Yorkers who receive housing subsidies despite a decade-old City Council law aimed to prevent the practice. And it is having an effect on homelessness. According to city statistics, more than 11,000 households are currently living in city shelters, even though they have vouchers that would cover their rent.

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