How One 4th Grader Was Inspired To Help Homeless New Yorkers

The Coalition recently found a new enthusiastic supporter in a spirited fourth grader from Brooklyn named Jade, who found a way to make a difference in her community.

Moved by the suffering of the homeless people she encounters every day in New York City, Jade decided to do something about it. She created an independent project on homelessness to present to her class at the Berkeley Carroll School in Park Slope, and spent time researching the issue on the Coalition’s website. She created a poster featuring facts and figures about homelessness in NYC to educate her fellow students about how many people are homeless every night – but she didn’t stop there. Wanting to something more concrete, Jade baked and sold cookies during her lunch period and rallied her family and friends to support the cause. Through her passion and dedication, Jade raised nearly $700 dollars for the Coalition!

Recently, Jade and her mother, Selene, visited the Coalition to meet with our Executive Director, take a tour of our headquarters and learn more about how her project will bring real help to homeless men, women and children by supporting our Grand Central Food Program, Camp Homeward Bound, and other programs.

When asked about her next idea, Jade said she’d like to buy school supplies to donate to homeless children through programs like the Coalition’s Project: Back to School because, “I know that’s something that they can’t always afford.”

Jade’s message to other kids who want to get involved? “Definitely do it! It really makes you feel good after you donate. I was so glad. I’m happy I helped out.”