Coalition for the Homeless Applauds Governor Hochul’s Release of $100 Million for Rent Supplements

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New York State Takes Critical Step to Help Thousands of New Yorkers Exit Homelessness, and Help Thousands More to Remain in Their Homes

NEW YORK, NY  —   The following statement is in response to Governor Hochul’s December 14th announcement releasing rent supplement funds initiated by the State Legislature, signaling a pivotal change to help address New York State’s ongoing homelessness crisis.

“Governor Hochul took the decisive step needed to chart a new course toward bringing effective solutions to homelessness to the fore. For years, lawmakers have fought to add resources to the State budget to help alleviate homelessness only to see them withheld each time by the former governor. But Governor Hochul gets it: By releasing $100 million for rent supplements, she is demonstrating her willingness to partner with lawmakers and our community to tackle the eminently solvable problem of homelessness. The release of these funds will help thousands of individuals and families leave shelters for homes of their own and assist thousands more on the brink of homelessness to avert eviction and stay safely at home. The Coalition for the Homeless is most grateful to Governor Hochul for recognizing the vital importance of this program, and we look forward to working with her to bring this remedy, along with others such as permanent supportive housing, to scale,” said Shelly Nortz, Deputy Executive Director for Policy with Coalition for the Homeless.