Coalition for the Homeless Statement in Response to Governor Cuomo’s Letter to MTA on Homelessness on the Subway

NEW YORK, NY – The following statement is in response to Governor Cuomo releasing a letter to the MTA Board of Directors urging them to address as part of their “Reorganization Plan” due at the end of the month the increasing problem of homelessness on the subways.

Statement Attributed to Jacquelyn Simone, Policy Analyst at Coalition for the Homeless:

“As Gov. Cuomo wrote: Let’s actually focus on helping the homeless. Offering all homeless people a way out of homelessness and into safe, affordable and supportive housing is the solution. Every level of government, including New York State, can and should redouble their investments in these permanent solutions. However Gov. Cuomo’s reference to increased policing of homeless people in the subways is misplaced: We have always advised State and City leaders that the answer is most definitely not more policing because summonses and harassing vulnerable people to make them move simply pushes them deeper into the shadows without helping them obtain the services and housing each one of them needs. If Gov. Cuomo wants to fix the problem, let him step up with more housing and services specifically targeted for homeless people, stop shifting the cost of shelters off to localities, and stop the prison-to-shelter pipeline from the State’s correctional facilities.”