Coalition for the Homeless Statement In Response to Newark City Ordinance

NEW YORK, NY – The following statement is in response to a Newark City Ordinance restricting the use of the Special One-Time Assistance Program:

“People have the right to choose the community in which they wish to live, regardless of their economic status, source of income, or the level of government providing them with a housing subsidy. The Newark City Ordinance announced last week unlawfully targets homeless people, solely because of their economic status. It is an extreme overreach, and likely unconstitutional. As written, Newark’s proposed law would criminalize being poor and those who try to help the poor, making it even harder for vulnerable families to get back on their feet. Newark should start over and find a more reasonable and lawful approach to dealing with the concerns it has raised about  New York City’s policies, and New York City should address homelessness in a more effective way by actually creating more housing for homeless New Yorkers.” – Giselle Routhier, Coalition for the Homeless Policy Director