Coalition for the Homeless Statement in Response to Newark’s Lawsuit Against Mayor de Blasio’s SOTA Program

NEW YORK, NY – The following statement is in response to officials in Newark filing a lawsuit against New York City and Mayor Bill de Blasio in an attempt to shut down a program that helps homeless families move out of shelters and into apartments.

“New York City is not doing enough to provide homeless families with affordable housing in the five boroughs, nor is it giving enough long-term support to the families who are moving to Newark and elsewhere. But Newark isn’t innocent either: A recent City ordinance essentially outlaws having a history of homelessness, which is not only outrageous, but discriminatory and likely unconstitutional. The lack of affordable housing is a regional as well as a national crisis, and municipalities need to work together to solve it rather than dehumanizing those affected by it. Homeless families should not be caught in the middle of municipal bickering. Both cities need to increase the affordable housing supply for low-income and homeless families,” said Giselle Routhier, Policy Director at Coalition for the Homeless.