Coalition for the Homeless Statement on City’s FY22 Affordable Housing Data

The following statement can be attributed to Jacquelyn Simone, Policy Director with the Coalition for the Homeless, regarding the City’s FY22 affordable housing data:

“Today’s revelation that the City was able to move only 2,203 homeless households into HPD-financed set-aside housing in Fiscal Year 2022 – at a time when tens of thousands of people slept in municipal shelters each night – underscores the work to be done to tackle the worsening homelessness crisis. Simply put, this number is far too low to meaningfully reduce homelessness in New York City.

“While we appreciate the Adams administration’s commitment to cutting through red tape to facilitate housing placements, Mayor Adams must ensure that enough affordable housing is being produced for the people who need it most. His current housing budget fails to do so, by a long shot. The City must build at least 6,000 apartments per year for homeless households and 6,000 apartments per year for extremely low-income households. We hope Mayor Adams will step up and take bold action to finally solve this crisis that has created so much needless suffering for the people of our city.”