Coalition for the Homeless Statement on the City’s FY’23 Budget Agreement

The following statement can be attributed to Jacquelyn Simone, Policy Director with the Coalition for the Homeless:

“Based on today’s announcement, we are dismayed that the City’s FY23 budget does not include sufficient housing capital funds to even start to address the true scale of New York City’s affordable housing and homelessness crises, and merely maintains the executive budget’s housing funding levels. Mayor Adams’ housing budget leaves those most in need of housing assistance treading water while both rents and the costs of production skyrocket. Touting an increase over past budgets is not enough when those budgets were woefully inadequate. New York City needs at least $2.5 billion annually to create 6,000 apartments for homeless households and 6,000 apartments for extremely low-income households every year in order to meaningfully reduce homelessness and housing insecurity. Stable housing is essential to public safety, health, education, and so many other dimensions of a thriving city, and should be a cornerstone of the City’s budget.”