Joint Statement from Legal Aid, Coalition for the Homeless on Mayor Adams’ Comments on Asylum Seekers and New York’s Right to Shelter

(NEW YORK, NY) – The Legal Aid Society and Coalition for the Homeless issued the following joint statement in response to New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ remarks on asylum seekers and New York’s right to shelter:

“New York City’s right to shelter is explicit: Anyone in need of a bed, including asylum seekers, is entitled to one, and this Administration has pledged to fully comply with these well-established court orders which ensure this fundamental right. The Administration has also assured us that asylum seekers will retain the ability to enter the Department of Homeless Services shelter system at any time.

While we appreciate that the City has been communicating with us on this crisis, we still have many outstanding questions and concerns relating to the availability of critical services for these vulnerable individuals and families.

Lastly, to bolster capacity at local shelters, we hope that the City will heed our repeated calls to reform various housing voucher programs – including CityFHEPS – which would allow New Yorkers to transition from these facilities into affordable, long-term housing. City Hall could unilaterally act on this today, and it is precisely the bold action that homeless New Yorkers and asylum seekers need and deserve.”