Statement from Legal Aid, Coalition for the Homeless in Response to Governor Abbott’s Announcement that Texas Has Begun Busing Migrants Seeking Asylum to New York City

(NEW YORK, NY)The Legal Aid Society and the Coalition for the Homeless released the following joint statement in response to Governor Greg Abbott’s announcement that Texas has begun busing migrants seeking asylum to New York City:

“Governor Abbott is shamelessly exploiting these migrants – human beings who have endured immense suffering in their home countries and on the journey to the United States, seeking safe haven and a better life – to serve some myopic political purpose.

Regardless of who these people are, where they are from, or for what cynical reason they are being sent here, New York is a sanctuary and right to shelter city, and the City must ensure that beds and critical services are immediately available to meet any demand.

As representatives of homeless New Yorkers and the legal team who secured New York’s historic right to shelter law, we will continue to monitor this development, including onsite at the City’s shelter intake centers for both individuals and for families. We call on City Hall to immediately provide this Administration’s plan for addressing the needs of all migrants arriving in New York City and requiring our help.”