I Need Help Requesting a Single Room or Smaller Dorm in Shelters

Single-occupancy rooms and reduced density shelter placements

As of December 2022, DHS has updated the eligibility criteria for single room and reduced density placements (rooms with four people or less) for clients accessing shelter. If you are at a heightened risk of severe illness or death from communicable diseases, such as COVID-19, you can still request a Reasonable Accommodation (RA) for a single room or reduced density placement.

You may be asked to obtain a letter or other documentation from your health care provider to support your RA request, based upon your specific needs that require placement in a single-occupancy room or reduced density placement. You can download and share these instructions with your health care provider to help them prepare the documents you need to give to DHS in support of your RA request.

If you need assistance with a reasonable accommodation request while in shelter or are looking for more information about your rights, please call our Crisis Intervention Hotline 1-888-358-2384, Monday through Friday 9am-5pm for assistance.