Voting While Homeless Is No Easy Thing

EAST HARLEM – Cecelia Grant, a retired public school teacher, has been living on the street since June. On Tuesday, she voted for the first time today in 20 years. “Being a registered voter means I’m a part of ‘We the People,’” she mused. “Any time anything gets done, it’s because of We the People.”

Grant is an organizer and activist with the East Harlem-based housing nonprofit, Picture the Homeless, the volunteer members of which are mostly people who are either currently or formerly homeless. Her first experience back at the polls was disheartening: A poll worker told her that all her votes had to be cast for the same party. A Jill Stein supporter, Grant was happy to vote for Green Party candidates up and down the ballot—except, there was one Democratic judge she had wanted to vote for. “I went in all enthusiastic,” she told Jezebel. “Now I feel cheated out of a vote.”

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