More Proof That Housing Homeless People Actually Saves Money and Works

San Francisco continues to clamp down on its anti-homelessness policies, an approach that has proven callous, ineffective and costly, a recent study concluded.

A new report released by the Coalition on Homelessness found that San Francisco has passed more bans on homeless people’s activities than any other city in California and pours money into resources that only perpetuate the homelessness cycle.

Affordable Housing, Racial Isolation

A Supreme Court ruling last week forcefully reminded state and local governments that the Fair Housing Act of 1968 forbids them from spending federal housing money in ways that perpetuate segregation. Communities across the country have been doing exactly that for decades.

Home is What Lasts in Your Heart: Camp Homeward Bound

I loved being up in New York to kick off the second summer Route J-1 roadtrip. After a day of inspiration at Liberty Island, I headed upstate to Bear Mountain, NY. Just an hour or so outside of the Big Apple, and you are in pristine nature.

Since 1984, this beautiful place has been the home of a special camp called, Camp Homeward Bound. Created by the Coalition for the Homeless, CHB is the nation’s first summer sleep-away camp designed specifically for homeless kids in the New York shelter system. Camp director, Beverly McEntarfer, told me that nearly 40 percent of CHB’s campers have endured physical abuse or neglect and have emotional or behavioral issues exacerbated by the instability of homelessness. Thanks to CHB, many of those kids experience a life-changing summer respite from city life in a shelter.

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