De Blasio Signs Bills Criminalizing Sale of K2

Mayor Bill de Blasio signed legislation Tuesday that will criminalize the sale and production of K2, a drug sold in bodegas and convenience stores that has ravaged the homeless populations in East Harlem for months, and has been directly responsible for at lea ..Read More

Working Full Time and Living in Abject Poverty

Have you noticed how often conservatives who disagree with a policy proposal call it a “job killer?” They’re especially incensed about proposals to raise the federal minimum wage. They claim it will force employers to lay off workers worth hiring at the ..Read More

How to Fight Homelessness

With over 58,000 people in our shelter system every night, and thousands more sleeping on the streets, concern about homelessness in New York City has reached a fever pitch. We must attack this challenge on every front: through construction of more housing wit ..Read More

$976 Million to Run City Homeless Shelters

How many tax dollars are needed to house people who are homeless in New York City? A report released today from the New York City Independent Budget Office focused on the growing cost for housing homeless families and single adults and found shelter costs incr ..Read More