​The High Cost of Being Poor

Struggling with poverty is hard enough on its own, but many of America’s poor now face an array of costs that wealthier citizens often don’t incur. Take the rise of for-profit probation companies, which more than 1,000 courts across the U.S. use. T ..Read More

What Urban Hunger Looks Like Now

On East 11th Street between Avenues B and C in New York City’s East Village, the line for the Father’s Heart food pantry wraps around the block. On cold winter days, people bundle up in puffer coats to hold their place; they might be outside, standing stil ..Read More

Inching Toward Safer Homeless Shelters

No doubt about it: The crime statistics in New York City look rosy. But Mayor Bill de Blasio is not in a good position to boast — not when people are living on the streets and subways because they don’t want to be robbed, stabbed, beaten or killed in homel ..Read More

A Farewell to the Dog Who Helped Him Off the Streets

Raymond Goynes went uptown to see Sonja one last time on March 8, a sunny Tuesday morning. He let himself into her owner’s penthouse duplex in Hell’s Kitchen. Sonja, an 11-year-old wheaten terrier, was sprawled on the wool kilim rug in the living room. Her ..Read More