Today’s Read: Cuomo Must Keep His Promise to the Homeless

An extensive body of research clearly proves the efficacy of supportive housing in ending homelessness and saving taxpayer dollars. What isn’t clear is why Gov. Cuomo continues to impede the development of desperately needed new supportive units by letti ..Read More

Cuomo Must Keep His Promise to the Homeless

New York City and communities across New York state are struggling with a devastating crisis. Roughly 60,000 New Yorkers confront homelessness every night in our city – and that number increases to more than 80,000 statewide. In January, faced with images of ..Read More

Governor Cuomo: Keep Your Promise to Homeless New Yorkers!

On Wednesday morning, Coalition staff and clients rallied outside Gov. Cuomo’s Manhattan office to urge him to immediately sign a full MOU and release promised funds for supportive housing. The Campaign 4 NY/NY Housing has been consistently pressuring State ..Read More

Homeless Issue Needs a Year-Round Focus

When Gov. Andrew Cuomo haphazardly deemed that all of the homeless must be taken off the streets when temperatures dropped below freezing last winter, he created confusion. Some localities said they weren’t prepared and didn’t have the resources to honor a ..Read More

The Return of American Hunger

By a handful of indicators—unemployment rates, overall economic growth, even average hourly earnings—the U.S. economy isn’t doing so badly right now. And yet, when it comes to the number of Americans who go hungry, it’s almost like the recovery never h ..Read More

A Hunger Crisis in the L.G.B.T. Community

Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans are more visible than ever before. Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, and the talk show host Ellen DeGeneres are gay. Kate Brown of Oregon is the first openly bisexual governor. The Olympic gold medalist and t ..Read More