Advantage Tenants: December Rent will be Paid!

The City has announced it will pay Advantage rents for December, including any late fees that were incurred due to this late decision. These payments will only be made for Advantage tenants currently within their lease period.

If you incurred late fees for November or December, the City will pay them. Tenants should call 311 to request that DHS pay late fees.

We do not yet know if rents will be paid in January or beyond.

Please click here or download an informational sheet on the Family Eviction Prevention Supplement (also in Spanish) for detailed information for all Advantage tenants. And continue to check back for updates!

• Continue to pay your part of your rent to your landlord on time.
• Continue to follow Advantage rules.
• If you are in the middle of your Advantage lease period but the City has not sent some of your payments, call 311 to complain and ask for an investigation.
• Your landlord cannot evict you without taking you to Housing Court.
• Don’t leave your apartment to reapply at Path just because you think your Advantage rent will not be paid!

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