AIG Helps the Coalition Get Ready for Camp


AIG joined the Coalition as a Premier Corporate Sponsor in May 2013, generously funding three Grand Central Food Program (GCFP) vans and sending 10 homeless girls and boys to Camp Homeward Bound (CHB). Employees of the company have also leapt right into the action themselves, coming out on the GCFP vans to help hand out meals to homeless people on the streets of NYC, and bringing a little elbow grease up to CHB for the busy Camp Clean Up Day.

One of the AIG volunteers, Jacqueline Phillip, gushed about the experience: “Setting up Camp was an enjoyable and gratifying experience. It’s truly amazing what an impact we can have in our community when we work together as a team. Like they say, ‘A little something is better than a lot of nothing.’ By giving just a little of our time we can make a difference, but doing nothing produces nothing.”

AIG’s employees have been instrumental to Camp Clean Up Day for the past three years, putting up tents, painting the buildings, fixing up the garden – anything and everything they can do to get the place ready for the 300 homeless boys and girls lucky enough to enjoy Camp each summer. CHB Director Bev McEntarfer loves seeing the AIG bus pull in to Camp. “What took these guys just a few hours to accomplish would have taken our team by itself a few days. They are hard working, aren’t afraid of the dirty jobs and obviously feel very strongly about their company’s support of the Coalition.”

We greatly appreciate the help from AIG, its employees, and all those who have chipped in to make sure Camp Homeward Bound is as welcoming, inspiring and comforting as always for the hundreds of kids who so desperately need it.

If you would like to learn more about how your company can get involved, click here.

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