Amid Protest, New York City Holds Hearing on Homeless in Subway System

NEW YORK (WABC) — The issue of homelessness in New York City is a complicated one with no shortage of opinions.

The New York City Council held a public hearing Tuesday to discuss the best way to get help to people who need it, especially in cases where people are turning to subway and train stations in lieu of actual housing.

The debate happened while a protest was held outside City Hall, with demonstrators saying Mayor Bill de Blasio’s current “Subway Diversion Program” is flawed and discriminatory.

Many homeless New Yorkers say they have no choice, because while sleeping in the subway isn’t the best option, it’s their only way to stay warm. And officials say there are more homeless in the subway system than ever before.

Members of the Public Safety Committee, NYPD transit officials and the Department of Homeless Services were present at the meeting.