Fact Check on Homelessness and Mental Health Care

On February 18, 2022, Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul announced a plan to remove people who shelter in the subway system. Since then, we’ve heard many false claims about homelessness and mental health care, including misinformation about Kendra’s L ..Read More

The Unhoused Don’t Want to “Go Back to Normal”

During the height of the pandemic, New York City put up some of its homeless population in the city’s empty hotels. Now, as the city comes back to life, the program is ending—but the city’s unhoused population doesn’t want to go “back to normal.̶ ..Read More

Judge allows homeless residents to remain in hotels for now

Homeless New Yorkers residing in hotels will be allowed to remain for now, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.  The ruling, handed down by Judge Gregory Howard Woods, mandates that the city must meet certain requirements before it can transfer residents back t ..Read More