N.Y.C.’s Plan to Move Homeless People From Hotels Is Blocked by a Judge

New York City’s plan to move 8,000 homeless people out of hotels and into barracks-style shelters was disrupted on Tuesday when a federal judge ruled that officials were not adequately considering the health of those being moved.

The ruling blocks the city from transferring anyone with a disability to another site until evaluating whether it meets their needs. Because the city does not know who might qualify for such so-called reasonable accommodations, the entire program must pause for at least a week, said Joshua Goldfein, a staff lawyer for the Legal Aid Society, which filed a legal challenge to the moves.

About 5,000 homeless people are still living in hotels. “They have to meet with everybody,” Mr. Goldfein said.

A spokesman for the city’s Department of Homeless Services said officials would make “minor adjustments to our process” and resume the moves next week.