Coalition for the Homeless Statement on HUD Homelessness Report

Statement by Mary Brosnahan, President of the Coalition for the Homeless:

While a new national report estimates that homelessness has stayed level in the U.S. over the last year, it jumped 20% in New York City from October of 2011 to October 2012 – and that is before the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

Mayor Bloomberg has blamed national economic trends for New York’s record homelessness. But the Obama administration’s latest numbers undercut that argument. Mayor Bloomberg must reevaluate the failed homeless policies that have created a nearly 60% increase in homelessness since he took office. Most of all, he needs to end his refusal to provide affordable housing assistance to homeless families and individuals.

Tonight, more than 20,000 homeless children will sleep in New York City shelters – nearly one-quarter of all homeless children in shelters nationwide, according to the Census Bureau.

Mayor Bloomberg must reverse course and move homeless New Yorkers into stable, permanent homes.

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