Everyone Should Pay Their Fair Share

We have a record number of homeless New Yorkers living in our emergency shelters. Over 40,000 people, including more that 16,000 girls and boys don’t have a home. When you make one million dollars a year, it’s easy to forget what that means. It means you don’t know where you are going to sleep at night. For many kids, it means they don’t know if they will make it to school tomorrow morning. The lack of stability means your children will likely fall behind in their education, because they aren’t getting enough sleep, decent food and a stable place to concentrate and do their homework.

Given the record homelessness in NYC, it’s absolutely unconscionable that Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo are even considering allowing the Millionaire’s Tax to expire. Right now…as we speak….this is the first time in modern NYC history that we have NO plan to house any of the families with vulnerable children who are homeless.

It’s TIME for the millionaires to pay their fair share. Sixteen thousand homeless children need our help – EVERYONE must do the right thing and pay their fair share!!!!