Hundreds Help Homeless Family Move into Vacant, Foreclosed Home

Yesterday, hundreds of people marched through East New York, touring a neighborhood that has been decimated by foreclosures. The group stopped at a half-dozen foreclosed properties before arriving at a vacant, bank-owned home where a homeless mom and dad and their two kids were preparing to move in.

The march was part of a national day of action, organized by Occupy Wall Street and local community groups, with the goal of highlighting the depth of the foreclosure crisis that has devastated countless families and neighborhoods — a crisis created by the largest banking institutions in the country that received billions in public bailouts.

And at the same time that vacant properties are filling up New York City neighborhoods, each night over 41,000 men, women, and children are sleeping in shelters, with no place to call a home of their own. One of those families used to be Alfredo Carrasquillo, his two children, and their mother.

See Alfredo’s story here:

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