Hunger Awareness Day: The Face of Hunger in NYC

Today is Hunger Awareness Day in New York, and advocates and emergency food providers are pushing New York State’s growing problem of hunger into the spotlight. It’s a tough reality to face, especially in New York City. One in six New York City residents live in ‘food insecure’ households – that’s 1.47 million men, women, and children who go to bed hungry every night. They are parents and college students and kids sitting in our elementary school classrooms. They are the men and women sitting next to us on the subway, also going to work.

We see first hand this new reality every night on our Grand Central Food Program (GCFP) route, our mobile food program that delivers meals directly to homeless and hungry New Yorkers every night of the year. Most recently, we’ve seen a surge in the number lining up at our vans each night. Low-income workers, seniors, and parents with children – all with budgets stretched beyond the breaking point – line up for an extra meal or two to help them survive the week. The halting economic recovery and shrinking job market are pushing these households to the brink of literal homelessness. Receiving a hot meal from our vans means they can scrape together a little extra money for rent, the gas bill, medication, or schoolbooks.

Our Grand Central Food Program is a lifeline. We reach 1,000 people each night – but too many more are still in need of a warm meal. Today, on Hunger Awareness Day, we recognize these and the millions who struggle with hunger across our state. But tomorrow – let’s take action.

Stand with the Coalition in the fight against hunger. Find out more about the Grand Central Food Program today!

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