Manhattan’s CB4 Honored for Compassionate Approach to the Homeless

With homelessness continuing to be a major issue citywide, attention is often paid to communities who are resistant to new shelters coming into their area. But the Coalition for the Homeless is recognizing Manhattan’s Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen community for its history of welcoming social services, including a shelter for homeless women that opened in 2018.

The organization is giving Manhattan’s Community Board 4 its Fourth Annual Compassionate Communities award for this welcoming spirit.

The coalition noted the constructive response after an announcement in late 2018 that a shelter for single homeless women would be opening on 52nd Street by the nonprofit Care For the Homeless. CB4 made outreach efforts to the group and local Council Member Corey Johnson’s staff to discuss potential concerns.

CB4 gave the organization a list of local people to contact, including block associations, which resulted in those associations having their questions answered and feeling at ease with the new shelter, according to the Coalition for the Homeless announcement.

This spirit of communication also led to a productive appearance by Care For the Homeless at the CB4 Housing, Health, and Human Services Committee in May.

The co-chair of that committee, Maria Ortiz, said that CB4 embraces the area’s history of welcoming social services for those in need. A partnership mentality was adopted, which included the community board agreeing to participate in the 52nd Street Community Advisory Board after the shelter opened.

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