Coalition for the Homeless Statement on Passing of Mayor David N. Dinkins

NEW YORK, NY – The following statement from Coalition for the Homeless is in response to the passing of Mayor David N. Dinkins:


“We are all deeply saddened by the passing of such an inspirational figure, who so profoundly impacted life in our city with his leadership and moral clarity. Mayor Dinkins, who proudly served on the board of directors of the Coalition for the Homeless since 2004, cared deeply about all those struggling to overcome poverty, homelessness, and systemic racism. Under his watch as mayor, the number of people sleeping in shelters each night dropped to the lowest level we’ve seen in two decades, and he continually exhorted us all to work for the day when no New Yorker would have to sleep in a shelter or on the streets. His wit and energy fueled us even through the hardest of times, and his presence will be truly missed. At a time when the fight for decency, fairness, and social justice has never been more urgent, we will all strive to uphold the legacy of Mayor Dinkins,” said Dave Giffen, Executive Director, Coalition for the Homeless.


“Mayor Dinkins was an extraordinary person who continued to do so much for our city long after his service as Mayor, especially for the most vulnerable in our community. During his long tenure on the Coalition’s board, he was tireless in his support of our mission, as well as an inspiration and beacon of hope for all,” said Barry Berke, Board Chair, Coalition for the Homeless.


“As a founder of the New York Coalition for the Homeless in 1980, a proud highlight was when Mayor David Dinkins joined our Board of Directors in 2004, compelled by his deep sensitivity to the incivility of homelessness in New York City. As Manhattan Borough President he prophetically issued a publication, A Shelter is not a Home, while his stewardship for advocacy and service to homeless children and adults continued through his Mayoralty and decades beyond with an unwavering commitment to justice. Mayor Dinkins was a warrior for the least fortunate among us, and will forever be remembered as a treasure of our City,” said Ellen Baxter, Broadway Housing Communities.