Coalition for the Homeless Statement on Mayor de Blasio’s Housing Finance Statistics

NEW YORK, NY  The following statement from Giselle Routhier, Policy Director of Coalition for the Homeless, was released today in response to Mayor de Blasio’s housing finance statistics announcement for 2020.


“Look under the hood of the Mayor’s boasts, and you will see a housing program that is deeply broken and failing those most in need. According to his own statistics, Mayor de Blasio created the fewest units of housing for homeless New Yorkers since 2015 and the lowest percentage of total units since the inception of the program. This is at a time when homelessness reached record levels. The latest statistics from the City also underscore the importance of Local Law 19, which, as of July 2020, requires the City to set aside 15 percent of units in buildings larger than 40 units for homeless people.”

A chart showing the number of HNY starts compared to homeless starts and percentage of homeless for each calendar year. In 2014 the number of HNY starts were 19,263, the number of homeless starts were 1,789, and the percentage homeless was 9.1%. In 2015: 21,127; 1,086,5.1%; 2016: 22,393,1,167, 5.2%; 2017: 24,789, 1,658, 6.7%; 2018: 34,258; 1,944, 5.7%; 2019: 26,260; 1,609, 6.1%; 2020: 29,251, 1,095, 3.7%

Source: NYC Department of Housing data analyzed by Coalition for the Homeless