Coalition for the Homeless Response to Governor Cuomo’s Budget Proposal for 2021-22 Fiscal Year

NEW YORK, NY — The following statement from the Coalition for the Homeless is in response to Governor Cuomo’s Executive Budget Proposal, which includes $250 million in additional appropriations for the production of supportive housing in New York State. The funds for more supportive housing, which provides permanent affordable homes for homeless individuals and families needing on-site support services, comes amid rising homelessness in communities across New York State as a result of COVID-19.

“One day after learning that COVID-19’s impact on homeless New Yorkers has been even more devastating than previously understood, we are heartened that Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget prioritizes new supportive housing investments. We are grateful for his continued support of one of the most effective tools we have to save lives and reduce homelessness. This 15-year initiative will provide thousands of homeless New Yorkers with the housing and services they need to achieve long-term stability and well-being — more important than ever as New Yorkers continue to face this devastating pandemic. Our homelessness crisis won’t be solved overnight, but this continued support will help the neediest homeless New Yorkers obtain stable, permanent housing,” said Shelly Nortz, Deputy Executive Director for Policy, Coalition for the Homeless