Rancid, Expired Food Sickening People Across New York City’s Homeless Shelters

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Mayor Bill de Blasio has ordered an investigation after residents of a Brooklyn homeless shelter got sick from eating rancid expired chicken, but that’s not the only shelter where residents are being served inedible meals.

Wheelchair-bound Edna Smith has got the goods on the people who made her sick by serving rancid outdated chicken at the Fort Greene homeless shelter where she lives, reports CBS2’s political reporter Marcia Kramer.

“Here is like the first label,” she said.

The first label said the chicken salad would expire Oct. 31, but there was a second label underneath saying the chicken expired almost two months ago on Sept. 5.

She is one of about half a dozen shelter residents who got violently ill.

“I was the first one who vomited, it just hit me, I went into the lavatory and everything came out,” said Smith. “When we all started getting sick, the response that we had was they all started laughing like it was a joke.”

“This is horrific but frankly not surprising,” said Giselle Routhier of the Coalition for the Homeless. “This is a really severe manifestation of a problem that’s pretty widespread across the shelter system.”

Routhier says bad food at city shelters is not limited to Edna’s shelter.

Green eggs were served at the Bergen shelter, and again at Casa de Carina.

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