Thousand March Across Brooklyn Bridge

Last Thursday, November 17th, Coalition for the Homeless joined tens of thousands of people in a peaceful march across the Brooklyn Bridge. The march brought together advocates, union members, community organizations, and Occupy Wall Street protesters in a show of solidarity against ever-increasing poverty, inequality, homelessness and joblessness, and a lack of access to education, living wages, and affordable housing, among other things.

One scene from the bridge was particularly stunning: a projection of 99% and other sayings on the façade of the Verizon building.


And yet amidst cuts to school, communities, and our most vulnerable citizens, the wealthiest New Yorkers are scheduled to receive a $5 billion tax break on January 1st with the expiration of the statewide “Millionaire’s Tax.”

The expiration of this tax just before budget season will undoubtedly create openings for new and more disastrous cuts to life-saving social services– something that we absolutely cannot afford.

Coalition for the Homeless will continue to push for more responsible budget solutions that leave essential services in tact while asking the wealthiest to pay their fair share.