A Formerly Homeless Man Is Documenting First-Hand Stories of Homeless

How many New Yorkers are guilty of walking past a homeless man or woman on the streets and pretending not to see them? As reported on CNN today, Mark Horvath, a formerly homeless man has set out to use technology to combat the invisibility of the homeless and broadcast their stories first-hand. With the support of donors and sponsors, he has set out on a nationwide trip to interview homeless men, women, and families about their experiences. He then posts the videos on his website, invisiblepeople.tv.

These short videos are a stark reminder that homelessness is a major crisis across the country and that there are real human faces behind the numbers. In these videos, it is clear that the homeless population in the United States is diverse and complex. Every man, woman, and child has gone through a unique set of circumstances that have led them to homelessness. In New York City, there are 39,000 individuals in homeless shelters each night, including 16,000 children, and countless more living on the streets. Visit invisiblepeople.tv and be reminded of the human faces behind these numbers.