Vote: Homeless New Yorkers Have a Voice

With only three weeks until Election Day, it’s important that homeless New Yorkers prepare to exercise their right to vote. OVER ... Read more

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Today’s Video: No Shelter


Homelessness is a citywide problem stemming from the severe lack of affordable housing in every borough. More than half of New Yorkers are dealing with unaffordable rents, one unforeseen circumstance away ... Read more

Coalition Testifies on Three-Quarter Housing


On Thursday, the Coalition for the Homeless and The Legal Aid Society presented testimony in support of a package of bills that would curb the abuses of three-quarter house operators and help tenants assert ... Read more

Today’s Listen: Home Stability Support


New York’s severe housing affordability crisis continues to be the primary cause of record homelessness. Incomes have failed to keep up with skyrocketing rents, and the State’s shelter allowance for ... Read more