Today's Read: The Hourly Wage Needed to Rent ...

The housing affordability crisis is one of the leading drivers of homelessness. Years of skyrocketing rents and stagnant wages ... Read more

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Today’s Read: Albany’s Unfinished Business


As State lawmakers meet in Albany for the last eight weeks of the legislative session, it is vital that they commit to addressing the homelessness crisis through a series of key actions. Mary Brosnahan, ... Read more

How You Can Help Feed Homeless New Yorkers


Every night in New York City, nearly a thousand men, women and children wait patiently on street corners for the welcome sight of one of the Grand Central Food Program’s three vans. Seven days ... Read more

Today’s Read: How to Solve the Housing Crisis

Brooklyn Housing Court - 141 Livingston Street - 2nd floor


The skyrocketing cost of housing throughout New York City has left many tenants struggling to pay rent – one missed paycheck or unforeseen expense away from falling into arrears and facing eviction. ... Read more

Today’s Read: So Little to Ask For: A Home


Children are the often-unseen victims of the homelessness crisis, with nearly 24,000 boys and girls bedding down in New York City shelters tonight. The instability of homelessness has significant long-term ... Read more

Today’s Read: What Urban Hunger Looks Like Now


A combination of stagnant wages and skyrocketing living costs has pushed more New Yorkers to the brink of survival, unable to afford the most basic necessities. Due to funding cuts for federal nutrition ... Read more