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Our Counselors Reflect on Camp

Kerryn “Jack Sparrow” Job: Lower Boys Unit Leader. I oversee the counselors working with boys ages 7-10. Years at CHB: 4 Outside of camp: I manage a seafood chain in Australia, and ... Read More

What Camp Means to Me

By Bev McEntarfer, Camp Director, Camp Homeward Bound I have to admit, even after almost 40 years of being a camp counselor and director, I still get giddy with the excitement of a new season at camp. ... Read More

Back to School

By Angie Caraballo, Bound for Success After School and Summer Day Camp This past summer was full of fun and learning for 30 girls and boys living in a lower Manhattan homeless shelter, thanks to our ... Read More

What Can I Do Today to Help a Homeless Child?

It’s a natural reaction to become immobilized when confronted with a huge problem. Time and again, I’m asked, “Yes, I’d love to help the homeless. But it seems so massive – what can I do?” Here’s ... Read More